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My experiments

Hello everybody, if you want to have a look at my other poetry and prose experiments (mostly in slovak), please visit my website> www.misty-veils.blog.cz

Chocolate muffins - Instructions and found text

How my friend makes them:

  1. He preheats oven exactly to 180 deg C.
  2. He carefully greases 12 medium paper muffin bake cups and puts them into the baking form.
  3. He beats the eggs with sugar, mixes with flour, cocoa powder, baking powder, vanilla and milk. Everything must be exactly of the same amount as it is recomended in the recipe. He always has all the ingredients.
  4. He adds chocolate chips; coats them with flour before mixing into the batter.
  5. He bakes them at 200 degrees and sets an alarmclock timer for 20 minutes.
  6. He serves chocolate muffins hot or at room temperature, as recommended.

How I make them:

  1. I preheat the oven  to 170-190 deg C.
  2. I dont use any paper muffin bake cups.
  3. I mix it all together. The amounts of ingredients are added according to my „feeling“. I never have all the ingredients.
  4. I dont have chocolate chips so I use chopped chocolate instead.
  5. I bake them at 190 degrees and take them out when I see they have „grown up“.
  6. I dont serve them, they are eaten immediatelly, still hot.


Decisions, decisions

We can always choose

Verdant trees OR Grey cathedrals

We can always choose

Azure oceans OR Golden oil

We can always choose

Rosy scent OR Black stink

We can always choose

We can win OR loose.

Weird life

Click on the picture for better view.

Echos of the nightfall

Sound poetry. Click on the picture for better view.


Deified - Palindrom

The poem can be read in all directions. Reading from left to right is same as from right to left. When we read it vertically, (from the begining or from the end) the poem has slightly different meaning. Click on the picture.

Deified small

Zombie poetry - Lipogram

I avoided all the vowels except A and E.

Zombie poetry

The Vulture Eye

The Vulture Eye

(visual poem made of E.A.Poe`s shortstory - The Tell-Tale Heart)

Romeo and Juliet

(Remix of Sona’s - It’s Friday I’m in love)

It was evening and the young lady was preparing herself for …a meeting with a gentleman. People nowadays call it a date. She was having a date instead of writing about me. But how could she write about an unfortunate love, when she never knew the feeling? So I got an idea.

She was playing with a little strange chest from which music was coming, but I could not see any musicians. As she wasn’t paying attention, I grabbed something which looked like a kind of underwear and put it into a big basket nearby, so she would have nothing to wear.

Disappointed, I found out that she was holding another piece of underwear soon. How strange clothes do ladies wear nowadays. They do not wear those pretty dresses anymore. She had no servant in the house, nor nurse, like I did. She had to make her hair herself, poor thing.

She was just sitting in front of mirror for a long time and beautified herself. I observed her carefully. She did wonders with her face. But she didn’t notice me. She seemed to be unable to see anything but herself.

I realized that I had no other choice but to lock the lady up in there so she would create a wonderful essay about ME for her English literature lesson. It took me ages to find out how to lock the door and hide the key. But I did it!

Meanwhile, she panicked for an unknown reason. And she panicked even more, when she tried to leave and found out that the door wouldn’t open. She threw herself on bed and covered her face with hands. But after a while, she stood up, took a piece of paper and started to write. How magnificently she was writing. She was writing about one old, well-known tale of us, the two unhappy lovers of Verona. And the mysterious bards in that strange chest were singing about love. I hope her Romeo forgives me.